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Leszek Gimel

Leszek comes from the north of Poland, from Gdynia. He loves water and from childhood he dreamed about the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Caribbean climate. He loves the underwater world and being in Poland he dived a lot, but he still dreamed of an underwater adventure in the Caribbean Sea.


Dominikana przyszła przypadkowo. Kolega, który prowadzi biznes turystyczny w Dominikanie zadzwonił i zaproponował mu współpracę. Leszek długo się nie zastanawiał. W kilka tygodni spakowali się i przylecieli do Dominikany.

Dominican Republic for Leszek was something more like an accident. A colleague who runs a tourist business in the Dominican Republic called and offered him cooperation. Leszek did not think for a long time. In a few weeks he packed up and flew with his family to the Dominican Republic.

After two years of work in tourism, he decided to open a diving business. He had experience, appropriate training, also a passion for diving, climate and water condition for this type of business. Together with their partner, they opened the Scuba Dominicana diving center.

Opening a business in Dominican Republic is theoretically easy, but in practice you must have a lot of patience. Business people in North America and Europe are used to dealing with the necessary formalities in a regular manner and at a specific time, having the right legal paragraph for everything. The Dominican lives its own time and you have to be very patient when dealing with formal issues. It is best to use a local lawyer who has experience and knows the right people, then everything goes faster.

Some time ago, giving an interview to the internet service in this way answered the question – „What do you like the most in Dominican Republic”?

“Friendly people and weather. In the industry in which I work, this is a basic element of success. The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate and winds that are always here in one direction give me the opportunity to combine my hobby with business, which makes life make sense. It becomes beautiful if you do what you love and at the same time you earn money.

I belong to those lucky ones who change their dreams into plans, and living in the Dominican Republic gave me the opportunity to make my dreams come true all year long.”

Leszek Gimmel

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