The Privacy Policy is a place where you will find out who is the administrator of your personal data, for what purpose, scope and for what period they will be processed. In addition, you will find out to whom and on what terms we can share your data, as well as your rights in connection with their processing.

From May 25, 2018, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / WE (hereinafter referred to as: “GDPR”).

Website – the term service is understood as the website

User – the term User is understood as any person visiting the website using a computer, tablet, telephone or mobile device and the Internet.

Administrator – the administrator of personal data is CASA DOMINICANA Spółka Z O.O. ul. Wilcza 50/52, 00-679 Warsaw.

In order to ensure the Users of this Website that the protection of the privacy of Users visiting the Website is particularly important to us and to provide Users with information on personal data collected by the Website, the purpose of their collection and use of cookies – we present this privacy policy.

We provide privacy protection at a level at least corresponding to the standards specified in applicable legal provisions, in particular in the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws 2013.1422, as amended), the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2015.2135 as amended), as well as the Act of July 16, 2004 – Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws 2014.243 as amended). We are also adjusted to the GDPR.

This Privacy Policy and the use of cookies regulates the rules for the processing of personal data for the collection and use of information about users on the website in the domain of It was established and adopted by CASA DOMINICANA Spółka Z O.O. ul. Wilcza 50/52, 00-679 Warsaw, which entity is the administrator of personal data.

You can contact us by email at:
Personal data entrusted by the User are processed to the extent necessary only for the purposes of:
concluding a contract for the provision of electronic services;
execution of orders placed by the User for products included in the Website’s assortment, including contact with the User necessary due to the execution of the order;
considering the User’s complaints;
implementation of the return of benefits in the event of withdrawal from the contract;
contact and answers to questions asked by the User;
in order to improve the website;
subscribing to the newsletter by entering a minor contact, the User’s personal data will also be processed by the Website in order to provide information about products, offers, promotions, and to deliver free newsletters containing marketing information.
For marketing purposes: our services and products as well as commercial information regarding the cooperation we have undertaken with our business partners, information about their products and services, and to receive commercial information.
Providing personal information is voluntary;
Please be advised that the Website may contain references – links that, if clicked, allow you to reach other websites managed by other administrators. The administrator of this Website has no influence on the privacy policy of these administrators or the policy of using cookies and is not responsible for them. Therefore, we urge you to read the privacy policy of these websites and the use of cookies.
The legal basis for data processing is:
conclusion and performance of the contract, or
your consent, or
We process your data in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, including the GDPR.
Providing all data is always voluntary and consists in filling in the form on one of the website’s subpages.
We only require the data that is necessary for the website to function. Failure to provide the required data will block the activity that the data related to.

Your personal data is processed as short as possible. In individual cases it is:
In order to perform the contract, your data will be processed for the duration of the contract by us. For example, termination of the contract, resignation from the online course.
In the case of data processing based on your consent – until its withdrawal. For example, withdrawal of consent to receive marketing information, which, however, will not affect the processing of data carried out prior to the withdrawal of consent.
When visiting our Website, data about the User may be passively shared by him
Passively collected data is information automatically saved by the website and external tools. These are anonymous information about the time of the User’s visit, IP address, URL address, browser type (so-called system logs), number of visits, device data, browser language, type of operating system.
The automatically collected data is analyzed for the purpose specified in point 1.2 using the external supplier’s solution, i.e. google analytics code, facebook pixel. These tools work based on the so-called cookies and do not provide data enabling the identification of the User.
The data collected in the above-described manner in paragraph 2, paragraph 2, 3, 4 are stored for 180 days only for the purpose of supporting the administration of the Website, enabling its efficient functioning and the use of user-friendly solutions. We assure you that this information is not disclosed to anyone except those authorized to administer the Website.
We do not share your data with third parties and they will be processed by us. The exceptions to this rule are situations when sharing is necessary for the purpose of providing the service (eg courier company, accounting office, hosting company, marketing service). In such a situation, we entrust data to contractors on the basis of a written agreement. In such a situation, these entities are not entitled to any use of this data. The recipient may use them only for the purpose of performing the contract, only for the purposes established by us and in accordance with applicable law.
Your personal data may also be made available to: relevant state authorities at their request on the basis of relevant legal provisions, or other persons and entities – in cases provided for by law.

When using the Website, small files are saved on the User’s end device, in particular text files, which contain information that allows you to remember login details, recently selected products, products in the User’s basket (hereinafter: “cookies”). Cookies also enable the collection of statistical data referred to in section 1.2.
Cookies do not contain data identifying the User, which means that on their basis it is not possible to determine his identity. The files used by the Website are in no way harmful to the User or the device and do not interfere with its software or settings.
The cookie system does not interfere with the operation of the User’s computer and can be turned off.
Cookies enable:
Maintaining the User’s session (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter the Login and Password on each subpage of the Website;
Creating website subpages viewing statistics.
We remind you that browsers generally have the option to save cookies selected in their default settings.
If the User does not consent to the storage of these files on the end device, the User should change the settings of the web browser he uses.
Preventing cookies from being saved may consist in:
not saving cookies on the end device;
each time the user informs the user about saving a given cookie file on the device;
deleting files after using the Website.
To use the option appropriate for the User, please read the information on managing cookies, which can be found most often in the “Settings” of the browser or in the “Help” tab.
The administrator informs that if the files are necessary for the operation of the Website, limiting their use may hinder the use of the Website.
Your device’s browser settings that allow you to save cookies and give your consent by clicking “ok” in the window that appears after entering the Website with the information: “This website uses cookies to provide services at the highest level. By continuing to use the website, you agree to their use: means that the User agrees that these files will be stored on the end device.

The User’s personal data is stored in a database to which technical and organizational measures have been applied to ensure the protection of the processed data in accordance with the requirements set out by law on the protection of personal data, in particular in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. U.2013.1422 as amended), the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2015.2135 as amended), the Act of July 16, 2004 – Telecommunications Law (Journal U.2014.243, as amended), as well as the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organizational conditions to be met by devices and IT systems used to process personal data ( Journal of Laws 2004, No. 100, item 1024).
The website uses technologies and procedures for the protection of personal data that ensure proper protection of Users’ privacy.
If the User has chosen the option of setting up a customer account, for security reasons, he should also follow the instructions for setting a password and login ensuring an appropriate level of difficulty. In particular, we recommend using a password consisting of a sequence of characters and numbers and a different case of letters. The password should contain at least 8 characters, at least one capital letter, one number and one special character.
The user using the Website using a third party end device should log out of the account and delete the browsing history.
Changes to the privacy policy will be made only in order to increase the standards of protection of the privacy policy or to adapt the policy to legal requirements. Each time, the User will be informed about the change in the message displayed on the main page of the Website and in the form of information sent to the e-mail address, if the User has consented to be contacted in this way.

Any irregularities, comments or requests regarding the privacy policy should be reported to the following address: We assure you that each application will be considered by us and we will reply to the e-mail address provided in the application.

The User has the right to obtain information whether the Administrator processes the User’s personal data, for what purpose he processes it, what categories of data the Administrator has, what are the categories of recipients of the User’s data, and the planned period of their storage.
The user has the option to update the data at any time.
The user has the option to request the deletion of his data.
the user may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of his data by the Administrator, provided that the basis for their processing is the consent previously expressed. Therefore, data processing will be legal until the User withdraws his consent
The administrator informs that as a result of exercising the rights indicated in point 3-4 above, it is possible to cease providing services to the User (in whole or in part), for the provision of which it is necessary to process certain personal data.
The user has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body, i.e. the Inspector General for Personal Data or his successor, i.e. the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.